Thông tấn xã Việt Nam


CPI up 1.82% in first nine months of 2021

The consumer price index (CPI) rose by 1.82 percent year on year between January and September, the slowest hike since 2016, the General Statistics Office has announced.

Vietnam among top five in the world for street food

Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam ranks fourth among 50 best cities for street food, according to a new survey by US business magazine CEOWorld.

Vietnam’s top 10 most valuable brands in 2019

Food and beverage industry and telecommunications continued to dominate the list of Vietnam’s top 10 most valuable brands in 2019 with the most representatives.

Hanoi food tour among world’s top 20

“Once you love Vietnam, you’ll love its food forever, too,” the Guardian said, advising visitors to Vietnam to try bánh đa cá and bánh cuốn dipped in a sauce that balances salt, sweet, spice and sour flavours, take coffee in a tiny cafe and tuck into heavenly soft and chewy black fermented sticky rice with frozen yoghurt (sữa chua nếp cẩm).