Thông tấn xã Việt Nam


Vietnam again joins global peacekeeping efforts

Vietnam’s Engineering Unit Rotation 2 left for Abyei on August 8 to carry out the peacekeeping mission of the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei. Members of the unit are fully prepared to conduct their assigned duties and responsibilities.

Valuable lessons of the Paris Peace Accords

Lessons drawn from the Paris Peace Accords negotiations, signing and implementation have maintained their values, even in the Party and the State’s foreign policy during the present cause of reform, national development and defence.

Paris Peace Accords’ historical significance

The Paris Peace Accords, which were signed 50 years ago, hold significant meaning for both the Vietnamese people and peace lovers around the globe.

Four main provisions of the Paris Peace Accords

The Paris agreement on ending the war and restoring peace in Vietnam, or the Paris Peace Accords, has nine chapters and 23 articles, including 4 main provisions.

50th anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords: A historic negotiation process

The Paris Peace Accords marked a brilliant milestone in the history of Vietnamese revolutionary diplomacy in the Ho Chi Minh era.

Vietnam hosts World Peace Council’s assembly for first time

The 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council is taking place in Hanoi and Quang Ninh province from November 21 to 26 - the first time it has been held in Vietnam.

Vietnamese “blue beret” soldiers with aspirations for world peace

Participating in United Nations peacekeeping operations means realising the Party’s guidelines on the protection of the Fatherland soon and from afar by peaceful means. It is also an expression of the humanity of the Vietnam People’s Army and Vietnamese peoples’ love of peace.